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What is a newborn session?


My newborn sessions are very calm and slow moving keeping the baby safe and relaxed throughout the shoot. The first step is getting your baby settled into a nice sleep so I can move them through adorable curled up poses. I use wraps, backdrops and props that are all earthy tones and nature related, this makes for timeless images that you can cherish forever.

When is it best to photograph a newborn?

It is best to photograph newborns within their first 2 weeks, this is when they are at their sleepiest and curliest. I advise clients to book for when the baby is 5 - 14 days old, so the baby is more flexible and less likely to waken with small movements.
If your baby is older than 14 days, please feel free to contact for my availability, I can still offer a newborn session for older babies and will produce a beautiful gallery of images.

When is the best time to book a newborn session?

Newborn sessions are popular, I recommend booking your newborn session as soon as possible, after your first scan to ensure there is availability. I book you in using your due date, if your baby arrives early or late I reschedule the session to an appropriate date. 

Do you take late bookings, when the baby has already been born?

There is so much to think about during pregnancy and preparing for your new arrival. Sometimes parents don't think about photographs until the baby arrives and I get last minute requests. It is not always possible but there are occasions I have available slots, so please get in touch and I will do my best to fit you in. 

Why does a newborn session take 2 to 3 hours?

I work the session around your baby, their comfort is priority, if they need feeding, changing or a cuddle I take a break from shooting. I also move slowly through poses and prop settings so not to disturb a baby sleeping. 

What happens if my baby doesn't sleep or settle?

I have had babies who are awake through part or all of the session, I can't force a baby to sleep so I adjust the session to suit them. The awake images I capture are just as beautiful as es the sleeping ones so do not panic if your baby does not sleep. Relaxed parents make for a relaxed baby. If, for any reason, your baby will not settle and images are not possible to capture I will reschedule the session to another suitable day.


Am I able to be with my baby during the photo session?

My studio is open plan, you will be able to see your baby at all times. I will be handing your baby and moving them slowly through poses, I have seats for parents to sit back, relax and watch the full session. We will stop the session at any time for you to feed, change or nurse your baby when needed - you are always on hand. 

What type of poses do you do and are they safe for my baby?

I have a selected few poses that I choose to do in every newborn session, these poses are the most natural poses for babies. You can look at my portfolio section, here, to see these poses. I do not believe in putting a baby in any discomfort so there are poses that I will never do, even if requested by a parent. Your babies safety is priority in my studio.

Can I bring my own outfits for my baby to be photographed in?

I have developed my own style - the colour palettes, clothes and props all contribute to my signature style so I do not allow clients to bring their own outfits. I hope with you choosing me to photograph your baby, it is because you like my photographic style and you will be happy with the options I have for you in studio. All clothes, wraps and backdrops are washed after every use in non bio washing powder.

Can I choose the colours for the sessions?

You can choose the colours you want for your newborn session from my colour palette, this is all discussed in our phone or email consultation after you book. My photographic style incorporates earthy tones and nature themes. You can get an idea of my colour palette from my newborn portfolio, here

Are the props safe?

All props are carefully selected and are used at ground level. I place a weight in the bottom to prevent it moving. I never leave a baby unattended. I also sterilise each prop after use, so every safety measure is taken.

Will the studio lights startle my baby?

My studio lighting is very soft, diffused light that does not disturb a baby when it flashes. It is an off camera lighting system that is never positioned directly at their eyes, it is a safe and gentle form of lighting. 

Will the studio be warm enough for my baby?

The studio is heated for newborn sessions, I keep the temperature between 22 - 26 degrees celsius so your baby remains warm and comfortable. This also helps them stay sleepy. Please wear light clothing on the day so you are comfortable sitting in this temperature. 

What do I need to do to prepare for our newborn session?

Once your booking is secured  I will arrange a pre consolation by phone or email. We will discuss everything and i will email you a preparation guide for your session.

Can we have photos taken with our baby?

I offer parent & sibling photos when requested and are included in the newborn session fee. I shoot these images at the beginning of the session. I will advise you on what is best to wear for photographs. 
* If you have booked a mini newborn session you are welcome to request parent shots, but this will be at an extra cost - sibling shots will not be possible if you choose a mini newborn session. *

When do I get to see the photos?

Your session fee includes a Private Online Viewing Gallery that allows you to view a gallery of  20+ fully edited images. Your gallery will be ready for viewing within 2 - 3 weeks of your session. Your viewing gallery is available for 7days, and your order of digital or printed products must be placed within this timeframe. 
I work closely with a UK professional print & framing company, the selection of printed products I offer guarantees your artwork will be of the highest standard. Digital files are also available for purchase. 

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