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How long do smiler & sitter sessions take?

Sessions generally take 45 minutes. Babies don't have a long attention span at this age, so I work quick. This time allows for 2 - 3 outfit changes and set ups. Set ups are kept very simple to keep the main focus on your beautiful baby. 


Do I need to bring outfits for my baby?

I have a selection of boy and girl outfits that you can choose from when you arrive. All my outfits are plain & neutral colours which ensures your baby is the main focus of the images. Outfits are washed after every use with non-bio detergent.
If you have a favourite or special outfit you want your baby photographed in, you are welcome to bring it but I advise to avoid bold colours and patterns as they distract from the baby in the photos.

What do I need to bring to the session?

You simply bring what you normally leave your house with for your baby. I do always advise a drink in a non spill cup/bottle, photoshoots are thirsty work for little ones. And their favourite toy or music, videos on youtube are great at settling your baby and getting them to look in the cameras direction for the photos. 


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